Secure TCP/IP Programming with SSL

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Getting SSL to actually work for most has been a very difficult assignment and most opt for an expensive commercial package, and end up having the same difficult challenge regardless only now you have a vendor and purchase orders to deal with. This book is for the developer who needs to integrate SSL communication with a new application or an existing application without the massive undertaking or expense and for those that want to get up and running and worry about the details later. To that end the OpenSSL project is perfect for that use-of course it wasn't easy getting an open source project to actually work, but this book cuts right through the garbage and gives you the code you can use today without hassel. So, if you don't know what RSA is and have no idea about how an existing TCP/IP connection can have SSL on top of it, then don't worry, this book is for you and though the author doesn't support it, you can also use the understanding of SSL to attack or even counter-attack encryption. It starts with downloading the OpenSSL library, walks you through setting up your own certificates including Authenticode and then shows you the code in both C++ and Delphi. This book, though it walks you through the use of SSL, is NOT a beginners guide and is not for the feint of heart-this book demonstrates one of the more difficult aspects to software engineering and indeed mathematics so enjoy what took nearly 4 years to complete and most of all have some fun.
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