1634: The Baltic War

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           The Baltic War which began in the novel
1633 is still raging, and the time-lost Americans of Grantville—the West Virginia town hurled back into the seventeenth century by a mysterious cosmic accident—are caught in the middle of it.


           Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden and Emperor of the United States of Europe, prepares a counter-attack on the combined forces of France, Spain, England, and Denmark—former enemies which have allied in the League of Ostend to destroy the threat to their power that the Americans represent—which are besieging the German city of Luebeck.


            Elsewhere in war-torn Europe, several American plans are approaching fruition. Admiral Simpson of Grantville frantically races against time to finish the USE Navy’s ironclad ships—desperately needed to break the Ostender blockade of the Baltic ports. A commando unit sent by Mike Stearns to England prepares the rescue the Americans being held in the Tower of London. In Amsterdam, Rebecca Stearns continues three-way negotiations with the Prince of Orange and the Spanish Cardinal-Infante who has conquered most of the Netherlands. And, in Copenhagen, the captured young USE naval officer Eddie Cantrell tries to persuade the King of Denmark to break with the Ostender alliance, all while pursuing a dangerous romantic involvement with one of the Danish princesses.
David Weber is author of the "New York Times" best-selling Honor Harrington series as well as "In Fury Born" and other popular novels. With Steve White, he is the author of "Insurrection," "Crusade," "In Death Ground," and the "New York Times" best seller "The Shiva Option," all novels based on his "Starfire" SF strategy game. Eric Flint's impressive first novel, "Mother of Demons" (Baen), was selected by "SF Chronicle" as one of the best novels of 1997. With David Drake he has written six popular novels in the Belisarius series, including the new novel "The Dance of Time," and with David Weber collaborated on "1633," a novel in the Ring of Fire series, and on "Crown of Slaves," a best of the year pick by "Publishers Weekly." Flint received his masters degree in history from UCLA and was for many years a labor union activist. He lives in East Chicago, IL, with his wife and is working on more books in the best-selling Ring ofFire series.
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