Modern Information Retrieval

This is a rigorous and complete textbook for a first course on information retrieval from the computer science perspective. It provides an up-to-date student oriented treatment of information retrieval including extensive coverage of new topics such as web retrieval, web crawling, open source search engines and user interfaces.

From parsing to indexing, clustering to classification, retrieval to ranking, and user feedback to retrieval evaluation, all of the most important concepts are carefully introduced and exemplified. The contents and structure of the book have been carefully designed by the two main authors, with individual contributions coming from leading international authorities in the field, including Yoelle Maarek, Senior Director of Yahoo! Research Israel; Dulce Poncele¿on IBM Research; and Malcolm Slaney, Yahoo Research USA.

This completely reorganized, revised and enlarged second edition of Modern Information Retrieval contains many new chapters and double the number of pages and bibliographic references of the first edition, and a companion website with teaching material. It will prove invaluable to students, professors, researchers, practitioners, and scholars of this fascinating field of information retrieval.

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  • Contents Preface Acknowledgements 1 Introduction 2 User Interfaces for Search by Marti Hearst 3 Modeling 4 Retrieval Evaluation 5 Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion 6 Documents: Languages & Properties with Gonzalo Navarro and Nivio Ziviani 7 Queries: Languages & Properties with Gonzalo Navarro 8 Text Classification with Marcos Gonccalves 9 Indexing and Searching with Gonzalo Navarro 10 Parallel and Distributed IR with Eric Brown 11 Web Retrieval with Yoelle Maarek 12 Web Crawling with Carlos Castillo 13 Structured Text Retrieval with Mounia Lalmas 14 Multimedia Information Retrieval by Dulce Poncele'on and Malcolm Slaney 15 Enterprise Search by David Hawking 16 Library Systems by Edie Rasmussen 17 Digital Libraries by Marcos Gonccalves A Open Source Search Engines with Christian Middleton B Biographies Bibliography Index
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