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Executing Your Business Transformation

How to Engage Sweeping Change Without Killing Yourself Or Your Business

Practical real-world lessons for transforming any business

Based on the authors' decades of experience dealing with major business transformation, this book provides valuable guidance for any company contemplating mergers, acquisitions, or a major restructuring of your business model. Many organizations undergo transformation with lots of enthusiasm, but are frustrated with the results. This book contains a set of lessons gained in the process of working in and with organizations in the process of transformation. Some of the lessons include: The customer is always right except when they are not; What got you here may kill you there: There is no strategy when no one knows what to do; and Transforming strategy requires more than expensive software.
* Brings to light the central role of HR in transformation and why this is the biggest missing piece
* Provides insight into how and why mergers and acquisitions fail and what you can do about it
* Provides diagnostic questions and a set of recommendations for every lesson

With insight and candor, the authors provide thoughtful advice to leaders who recognize that the strengths of today's company will not translate into the results of tomorrow.
Mark I. Morgan is CEO of StratEx Advisors, Inc., and lead author of Executing Your Strategy. He has thirty?-plus years of industry experience in business start-ups, business development, management, leadership, and project, program, and portfolio management.

Andrew B. Cole is vice president of human resources at A123 Systems. He is former senior vice president and director of human resources at APC and senior vice president of human resources for the CPAC Division of Schneider Electric.

David R. Johnson is senior vice president of home and business at APC. He also served as senior vice president of worldwide sales at APC where he led a team of more than 2,000 people.

Robert J. Johnson is vice president of enterprise solutions at A123 Systems and former CEO and president of North America for APC.
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  • Introduction.

    The transformation challenge.

    1 Once Upon a Time In Transformation.

    Profiles of selected companies in transformation.

    2 What Got You Here May Kill You There.

    Letting go of legacy success in order to prosper in the future.

    3 Yesterday's Leadership Skills May Prevent Tomorrow's Success.

    Aligning leadership with transformation.

    4 There Is No Strategy If Nobody Knows What to Do.

    Translating strategy into action moving forward.

    5 Transforming Strategy Requires More Than Expensive Software.

    How to keep from being a fool with a tool.

    6 Transform Human Resources into a Strategic Advantage.

    How to engage HR at a strategic level.

    7 Your Customers Are Always Right, Except When They Aren't.

    Doing what is right for customers even when it is not what they asked for.

    8 Don't Let Analysts Run Your Business.

    Pleasing the street is not always what it's cracked up to be.

    9 Merger Is Not a Four-Letter Word.

    How to reduce the risk of value loss in merging companies.

    10 Who Melted My Cheese?

    How to deal with the mixture of two different recipes for success

    11 Spin Is Overrated for Creating Value.

    Replacing rhetoric with real communication.

    12 Consultants Are Not an Excuse for Not Knowing Your Business.

    How to engage professional services for maximum return.


    Next steps in creating better models and methods to transform organizations.


    About the Authors.

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