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Aalders, R: IT Outsourcing Guide

Rob Aalders

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Outsourcing von IT ist ein brandaktuelles Thema, zu dem bislang jedoch nur wenig detaillierte Literatur existiert. "The IT Outsourcing Guide" ist eines der ersten Bücher auf dem Markt, das sich ausführlich mit dieser Thematik beschäftigt. Es ist ein praktischer Leitfaden, der sowohl für den Neuling als auch für den erfahrenen IT-Experten fundierte Information bereit hält. Dabei geht es nicht um die Beanwortung der Frage, ob sich ein Unternehmen für IT Outsourcing entscheiden sollte oder nicht; der Schwerpunkt liegt vielmehr darauf, WIE das Outsourcing umgesetzt wird, wenn die Entscheidung zum Outsourcing gefallen ist. Basierend auf einem Top-Down-Ansatz, werden alle Aspekte diskutiert - von den Unternehmenszielen über die Vertragsgestaltung bis hin zum IT Management. Verständlich geschrieben und mit einer Fülle von Checklisten und Fallstudien. Ein unverzichtbarer Leitfaden für das Umsetzen des IT Outsourcing in die Praxis. You have decided that your business needs to outsource its ITrequirements - this book will now show you how!
The outsourcing of IT is currently a "hot topic" internationallyand yet guidebooks on how, rather than whether or not to implementthis difficult process are rare despite the serious consequences ofmistakes: the costs of switching back to an in-house operation areemotionally and financially high. The IT Outsourcing Guide providesinvaluable, practical advice to both guide the novice and informthe veteran on how to effectively navigate through the IToutsourcing minefield once they have decided this is the routetheir business needs to take. The approach suggested is top-downand leads from business goals through contracting to ongoingmanagement, with contributions from key employees of largeinternational companies such as: Commonwealth Bank, Royal & SunAlliance, Booz.Allen & Hamilton, PA Consulting and IDG.
Pioneering in the field as one of the first texts on how toimplement IT outsourcing, this is a valuable resource for anyoneinvolved in any part or stage of the information technologyoutsourcing process.

"A practical top-down guide that shows companies already on theoutsourcing route how to avoid costly mistakes."
(Computing, 10th May 2001)

"instant classic"
(IT Week, 16th July 2001)

"..provides a wealth of practical detail...good value formoney."
(Computer Bulletin, January 2002)

ROB AALDERS has held senior strategic and line management positions in a variety of companies in Europe, Australia and Asia during 25 years in the IT industry. His strength lies in his ability to devise strategic plans for organisations and to define how they should be implemented.
Aalders has carried out assignments for multinational and governmental agencies including Australia Post, QANTAS, the National Rail Corporation and the Hong Kong Transport Department and has gained line management experience, mostly in the transportation sector, which gives a business focus and practical orientation to his strategic studies.
PA Consulting Group is a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm, with a unique combination of these capabilities. Established almost 60 years ago, and operating worldwide from over 40 offices in more than 20 countries, PA draws on the knowledge and experience of some 3,700 people, whose skills span the initial generation of ideas and insights all the way through to detailed implementation.
PA works with clients to improve performance, mobilise human resources and deliver change effectively, including managing major projects, and designing and implementing enterprise-wide systems and full e-business solutions.
We are proud that our clients say, "PA makes it happen."


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    Know Your Motives.

    Developing Critical Success Factors and Criteria.

    Discovering Your Environment.

    Setting Management Principles.

    Preselecting Service Providers.

    Preparing the Request for Proposals.

    Issuing the Request for Proposals.

    Evaluating Request for Proposals Responses.

    Undertaking Due Diligence.

    Forming the Contract.

    Defining Service Level Agreements.

    Managing Transition.

    Managing the Relationship.

    Terminating or Renewing the Contract.

    Why Outsource?


    Appendix A: Future Proofing the Contract.

    Appendix B: Indicative Contract Contents.

    Appendix C: Position Paper Pro Forma.

    Appendix D: Contract Change Control Pro Forma.

    Appendix E: Contract Requirement Statement.

    Appendix F: Examples of Principles.

    Appendix G: Outsourcing Timetable.

    Appendix H: Business Case Template.

    Appendix I: PA Consulting Group's SMART Model.

    Further Reading.