McDermott, A: Australian History for Dummies

Discover how a penal colony became one of the world's most prosperous nations Want to be in the driver's seat as you explore the important events of Australia's past and present? Let this fun and informative book serve as your tour guide, introducing you to the people who helped shape Australia's history. Find out about life down under, and discover all the intriguing details the dry history textbooks left out! * Explore the history of Aboriginal Australia -- see how indigenous Australians lived in Australia for over 40,000 years before colonisation * Track the early years of European settlement -- find out why the British settled Australia and what the challenges and successes were * Learn about the intrepid explorers and the discovery of gold -- watch as Australia hits the big time and puts itself on the map * Witness the birth of a nation -- understand how and why the states were united and meet the major players who made it happen * Appreciate the impact of the World Wars -- uncover the roots of the Anzac legend and the effects of the postwar baby boom and immigration * Examine the social and economic changes of recent decades -- discover the impact of multiculturalism and how Hawke, Keating and Howard shook up the economy and opened Australia to the world * Delve into modern-day Australia -- understand the impact of the Howard years, and what led to Australia's first female prime minister Open the book and find: * How European settlers forged inland to open up Australia's fertile land * Details of iconic Australians, from politicians to bushrangers and sportspeople to scientists * The origins of the terra nullius theory and the Mabo verdict on native title * Analysis of the culture wars and their impact on Australian life * The game-changing moments in Australia's history * Inventions that Australians have given the world Learn to: * Identify the significant events and people that shaped Australia * Grasp the impact of Indigenous culture, colonisation and immigration * Understand events such as the gold rush, Gallipoli and the baby boom * Appreciate Australia's great cultural, scientific and sporting feats
Alex McDermott has been researching, writing about and teaching Australian history for the past decade, including time spent teaching at La Trobe University in Victoria, writing essays, articles and a book, and acting as researcher and consultant for various popular historical documentaries.
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  • Introduction.

    Part I. Let's Get This Country Started.

    Chapter 1. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

    Chapter 2. First Australians: Making a Home, Receiving Visitors.

    Chapter 3. Second Arrivals and First Colonials.

    Chapter 4. Colony Going Places (With Some Teething Troubles).

    Chapter 5. A Nation of Second Chances.

    Part II. 1820s to 1900: Wool, Gold, Bust and then Federation.

    Chapter 6. Getting Tough, Making Money and Taking Country.

    Chapter 7. Economic Collapse and the Beginnings of Nationalism.

    Chapter 8. The Discovery of Gold and an Immigration Avalanche.

    Chapter 9. Explorers, Selectors, Bushrangers ... and Trains.

    Chapter 10. Work, Play and Politics During the Long Boom.

    Chapter 11. The Economy's Collapsed - Anyone for Nationhood?

    Part III. The 20th Century: New Nation, New Trajectories.

    Chapter 12. Nation Just Born Yesterday.

    Chapter 13. World War I: International and Local Ruptures.

    Chapter 14. Australia Unlimited.

    Part IV. 1930 to 1949: Going So Wrong, So Soon?

    Chapter 15. A Not So Great Depression.

    Chapter 16. World War II Battles.

    Chapter 17. Making Australia New Again.

    Part V. 1950 to 2010: Prospering and Social Turmoil.

    Chapter 18. Ambushed - by Prosperity!

    Chapter 19. Taking Things Apart in the 1960s and 1970s.

    Chapter 20. When Old Australia Dies ... Is New Australia Ready?

    Chapter 21. Into the New Millennium.

    Part VI. The Part of Tens.

    Chapter 22. Ten Things Australia Gave the World.

    Chapter 23. Ten Game-Changing Moments.

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