21st Century Skills

Learning for Life in Our Times

The new building blocks for learning in a complex world

This important resource introduces a framework for 21st Century learning that maps out the skills needed to survive and thrive in a complex and connected world.

Bernie Trilling is the founder and CEO of 21st Century Learning Advisors and former global director for the Oracle Education Foundation. He was the Foundation's board member at the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Charles Fadel is a global education thought leader and expert, author, and inventor. He is a former board member at the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and Change the Equation.
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  • Figures and Tables xi Foreword to the Paperback Edition xiii The Authors xxi Prologue: The Search for Innovative Learning xxv Introduction: Learning to Innovate, Innovating Learning xxix The Four Question Exercise xxx About This Book xxxiv A Map of the Book xxxv Part One: What Is 21st Century Learning? 1 Learning Past and Future 3 Learning a Living: The Future of Work and Careers 7 Learning Through Time 11 2 The Perfect Learning Storm: Four Converging Forces 21 Knowledge Work 24 Thinking Tools 25 Digital Lifestyles 27 Learning Research 30 The Forces of Resistance 35 The Turning of Learning: Toward a New Balance 36 The Top 21st Century Challenge 40 Part Two: What Are 21st Century Skills? 3 Learning and Innovation Skills: Learning to Create Together 45 The Knowledge-and-Skills Rainbow 47 Learning to Learn and Innovate 49 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 50 Communication and Collaboration 54 Creativity and Innovation 56 4 Digital Literacy Skills: Info-Savvy, Media-Fluent, Tech-Tuned 61 Information Literacy 65 Media Literacy 67 ICT Literacy 68 5 Career and Life Skills: Work-Ready, Prepared for Life 73 Flexibility and Adaptability 75 Initiative and Self-Direction 77 Social and Cross-Cultural Interaction 80 Productivity and Accountability 82 Leadership and Responsibility 84 Part Three: 21st Century Learning in Practice 6 21st Century Learning and Teaching 89 Learning P's and Q's: Problems and Questions 90 Roads to Answers and Solutions: Science and Engineering 91 7 Powerful Learning: Proven Practices, Researched Results 95 The 21st Century Project Learning Bicycle 96 Creativity Through Projects 104 Evidence That Project Learning Works 107 Obstacles to Collaborative Inquiry and Design Learning 114 8 Retooling Schooling: Reshaping Support Systems 117 Shifting Systems in Sync 120 Support Systems 125 From Skills to Expertise: Future Learning Frameworks 145 9 Conclusion: Learning for Life-Building a Better World 151 Appendix A Resources 159 21st Century Skills Example Videos DVD 159 Resources from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills 161 Selected Online Resources 162 Appendix B About the Partnership for 21st Century Skills 167 What Is P21? 167 What Does P21 Do? 168 How the P21 Learning Framework Came into Being 170 Appendix C 3Rs x 7Cs = 21st Century Learning 175 Acknowledgments 179 Notes 183 References 187 Credits 197 How to Use the DVD 199 Index 201
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