Performance Monitoring of Network Systems

A parallel SNMP based approach for monitoring network performance

Performance monitoring of network systems allows you to monitor network performance and efficiency. Many of the current approaches involve methods like round-robin ping service and/or parallel monitoring using non-blocking Input/Output's (I/O). While these methods are good enough for small number of nodes, they fail to generalize and scale to highly complex network infrastructures. Our approach describes an architecture and toolkit for configuring tests for active, passive and end-to-end measurements using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) objects within these systems. The contents of SNMP replies are analyzed in parallel and in real time by the toolkit. The toolkit also provides a network oriented approach for storing network data and provides an Application Programming Interface (API) with Javascript Object Notation (JSON) output for front end visualization along with accessing other real time information like time series charts and intensity maps.


Anand SreenivasanEducation:The Ohio State University, Columbus, OHMS. in Computer ScienceVishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, University of Pune, Pune, IndiaBachelor of Engineering(B.E.) in Computer EngineeringNetwork Engineer: OARnet, The Ohio State UniversityAugust 2011 - Current

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