Diamond, S: The Visual Marketing Revolution

26 Rules to Help Social Media Marketers Connect the Dots

Use breakthrough visual thinking and visual communication tools to solve your toughest online marketing problems, and build more powerful connections with customers and prospects than you ever could with text alone! Stephanie Diamond's Make It Visual is the only up-to-the-minute, step-bt-step handbook for online marketers who want to take full advantage of today's newest visual tools. Diamond reveals how to develop winning social marketing strategies using visual maps and templates...bring the power of visuals to every business "story" you tell...leverage online visual tools to analyze and improve your results. From mindmapping to Pinterest to Prezi, Diamond covers it all, helping you persuade online with outstanding visuals...tell compelling visual stories through social media platforms...visually guide your online buyer's journey...organize your ideas graphically...leverage presentation tools that go way beyond PowerPoint...make even the most abstract ideas tangible and intuitive...use proven visual tactics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google , mobile apps, sites, landing pages, and more!
For broad audiences of online marketers, small businesses, design and e-commerce professionals; and for the huge audience for specific visual tools ranging from mindmapping to YouTube and Pinterest.


Stephanie Diamond is a thought leader and management marketing professional with 20-plus years of experience in building profits in more than 75 different industries. She has worked with solopreneurs, small-business owners, and multibillion-dollar corporations. As a best-selling author, she has written six business books, including Social Media Marketing for Dummies and Social CRM for Dummies. She worked for eight years as a Marketing Director at AOL. When she joined, there were fewer than 1 million subscribers. When she left in 2002, there were 36 million. While at AOL, she developed a highly successful line of multimedia products that brought in an annual $40 million in incremental revenue. In 2002, Stephanie founded Digital Media Works, Inc. (DigMediaWorks.com), an online marketing company that helps business owners discover the hidden profits in their businesses. She is passionate about guiding online companies to successfully generate more revenue and find their real value. As a strategic thinker, Stephanie uses all the current visual thinking techniques and brain research to help companies get to the essence of their brands. She continues to focus on helping companies understand and communicate their value to customers. Stephanie received a BA in Psychology from Hofstra University and an MSW and MPH from the University of Hawaii. She lives in New York with her husband and Maltese named Colby.

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  • INTRODUCTION 1 Part I: Rules for Social Media Marketers 1 RECOGNIZE THE POWER OF VISUAL PERSUASION 7 What You Need to Know 7 The Power of Visuals and Text 10 Evaluate Your Online Ability to Persuade 10 A Visual Marketing Method 13 Relationship Building 15 Scarcity 15 Banner with Story and Graphics 15 Green Attitude 16 Word of Mouth for More Social Proof 16 Liking, Belonging, and Listening to Feedback 16 Reciprocity 16 Toe in the Water 16 Social Proof 17 WIIFM 17 Authority 17 Tools to Consider 17 Ideas to Use 17 Idea Map 18 Endnotes 18 2 CREATE PERSONAS TO UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMERS 19 What You Need to Know 20 Understand Your Niche 20 Speak the Language of Your Buyers 23 Use Personas to Clarify Your Target Market 24 Overcoming Obstacles 25 A Visual Marketing Method 25 Ideas to Use 29 Idea Map 30 Endnotes 30 3 SOCIAL MEDIA IS STORYTELLING, SO TELL STORIES 31 What You Need to Know 31 The Bigger Picture 32 Customers Get Swept Up 33 Why Are Business Stories Difficult to Get Right? 34 The Story Structure 35 A Visual Marketing Method 37 Capturing Existing Stories 37 Tools to Consider 39 Ideas to Use 39 Idea Map 40 Endnotes 40 4 UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR CONTENT SUPPORTS YOUR BUSINESS 41 What You Need to Know 41 How Content Fits In 42 The Power of Great Content 43 Snackable Visual Content 44 Make a Commitment 44 A Visual Marketing Method 46 Ideas to Use 49 Idea Map 49 Endnotes 49 5 TAKE BUYERS ON A JOURNEY 51 What You Need to Know 51 How We Buy Online 52 Problem 53 Personas 54 Options 55 Details 55 Buy 57 Satisfaction 57 A Visual Marketing Method 58 Ideas to Use 59 Idea Map 60 6 CONNECT USING COLLABORATION'S MANY FORMS 61 What You Need to Know 61 Forms of Collaboration 62 In-House Collaboration (Employee to Employee) 63 Co-Creation (Employee to Customers) 63 Crowdsourcing (Company to Experts) 65 Crowd Funding (Experts to Customers) 66 Ideas to Use 67 Idea Map 68 Endnotes 68 7 KNOW YOUR CONTENT 69 What You Need to Know 69 Topic Inventory 71 A Visual Marketing Method 72 Ideas to Use 74 Idea Map 75 Endnotes 75 Part II: Tools to Help You Create Your Visual Marketing 8 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW 79 Why Mind Maps Intimidate Some People 80 Principles of Good Mind Maps 81 Using Mind Maps for Online Marketing 82 Mind Maps Are Useful for Work Groups 83 A Visual Marketing Method 84 Tools to Consider 86 Ideas to Use 87 Idea Map 88 Endnotes 88 9 MAKE IDEAS TANGIBLE 89 What You Need to Know 89 Create Artifacts 91 Benefits of Tangible Ideas 92 Making Your Ideas Visible 92 Physical Tools That Make Ideas Visible 93 A Visual Marketing Method 97 Tools to Consider 99 Ideas to Use 100 Idea Map 100 Endnotes 100 10 USE DIAGRAMS AND OTHER DATA VISUALIZATION TOOLS TO EXPLAIN MARKETING IDEAS 103 What You Need to Know 103 Benefits of Diagrams 105 Types of Diagrams to Consider 106 Tools to Consider 110 Ideas to Use 111 Idea Map 111 Endnotes 112 11 USE VISUAL GUIDES THAT BUILD ON KNOWLEDGE 113 What You Need to Know 113 Types of Templates 114 Structures for Business Writing 117 Design Templates 117 Checklists as Guides 118 Make Checklists Valuable 120 Tools to Consider 120 Ideas to Use 121 Idea Map 121 Endnotes 121 12 USE VISUAL PRESENTATIONS TO CONNECT WITH AN AUDIENCE 123 What You Need to Know 123 Smarter and Better 124 Understanding the Lizard Brain 125 Look at Examples 126 Tools to Consider 127 A Visual Marketing Method 129 Ideas to Use 132 Idea Map 133 Endnotes 133 Part III: Content to Get Customer Attention 13 EMAIL IS STILL A POWERFUL VISUAL MARKETING TOOL 137 What You Need to Know 137 Using QR Codes 139 Finding Images 141 Tools to Consider 143 A Visual Marketing Method 143 Ideas to Use 147 Idea Map 148 Endnotes 148 14 SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE WITH INFOGRAPHICS 149 What You Need to Know 149 Why We Love Infographics 150 Look at Examples 153 Tools to Consider 154 A Visual Marketing Method 155 Process You Can Try 155 Ideas to Use 158 Idea Map 159 Endnotes 159 15 DEVELOP CASE STUDIES AND REPORTS WITH VISUALS 161 What You Need to Know 161 Resources for Examples of CSR 162 Finding Your CSR Online 163 A Visual Marketing Method 165 Ideas to Use 171 Idea Map 172 Endnotes 172 16 DIGITAL PUBLISHING AND EBOOKS ARE HERE NOW-USE THEM 173 What You Need to Know 173 A Visual Marketing Method 174 Purpose/Revenue 175 Content 178 Document Conversion and Distribution 179 Added-Value 181 Promotion 182 Importance of Book Cover and Visuals 183 Ideas to Use 185 Idea Map 186 Endnotes 186 17 ROCK YOUR VISUAL BRAND ON SOCIAL MEDIA 187 What You Need to Know 187 Analyzing Your Brand 190 Visual Expectations 195 A Visual Marketing Method 198 Ideas to Use 198 Idea Map 198 Endnotes 199 18 LANDING PAGES WON'T PERFORM WELL WITHOUT VISUALS 201 What You Need to Know 201 About Landing Pages 202 Rules of Persuasion 203 Mechanisms of a Landing Page 204 Components 205 Where Are Buyers in the Journey? 205 Effective Handshake 206 Email Marketing 206 A Visual Marketing Method 207 Basecamp Software 207 WorkFlowy 209 SEOmoz 211 Tools to Consider 213 Ideas to Use 214 Idea Map 214 Endnote 214 PART IV: Tactics for Social Media Platforms 19 VISUALS ARE A MUST ON FACEBOOK 217 What You Need to Know 217 A More Visual Facebook 220 A Visual Marketing Method 222 Ideas to Use 228 Idea Map 229 Endnotes 229 20 USE TWITTER TO LINK TO VISUALS 231 What You Need to Know 231 A More Visual Twitter 233 Tools to Consider 237 A Visual Marketing Method 239 Ideas to Use 242 Idea Map 242 Endnotes 243 21 INSTAGRAM IS GREAT FOR QUICK VISUALS FROM YOUR MOBILE 245 What You Need to Know 245 A Word about Captions 248 Why Instagram Is Great for Social Media 248 What Should You Promote? 251 A Visual Marketing Method 251 Using Instagram Photos as Part of a Business Plan 253 A Healthcare Company Educating People Around the World 254 Ideas to Use 255 Idea Map 256 Endnotes 256 22 USE PINTEREST AS A MARKETING HUB 257 What You Need to Know 257 Pinterest for Business 259 Value to Your Customers When You Use Pinterest 261 What Makes Pinterest Great for Social Media? 262 Tools to Consider 266 A Visual Marketing Method 268 Ideas to Use 271 Idea Map 272 Endnotes 272 23 TUMBLR MAKES IT EASY TO SHARE VISUALS 273 What You Need to Know 273 Getting Started with a Tumblog 274 Blog Types 275 Posting 275 Curation 276 Why Tumblr Is Great for Social Media 278 Tools to Consider 280 A Visual Marketing Method 280 Themes/Branding 284 Promoting Your Tumblog 285 Ideas to Use 285 Idea Map 286 Endnotes 286 24 GOOGLE+ IS MORE VISUAL THAN YOU THINK 287 What You Need to Know 287 Getting Started with Google+ 289 Why Google+ Is Great for Social Media 291 Tools to Consider 292 A Visual Marketing Method 293 Ideas to Use 296 Idea Map 297 Endnotes 297 25 MOBILE APPS PROVIDE VISUAL OPPORTUNITIES 299 What You Need to Know 299 Can Visual Reinvention Work? 301 Tools to Consider 303 More productive 303 Educate and Entertain Your Customers 307 Encourage Staff Collaboration 309 A Visual Marketing Method 310 Capturing Your Handwritten Notes 312 Social Media Sharing 313 Ideas to Use 314 Idea Map 314 Endnotes 315 26 YOUTUBE IS THE PLACE TO VIEW VIDEOS 317 What You Need to Know 317 Getting Started with YouTube 318 Why YouTube Is Great for Social Media 321 Promotion 323 Tools to Consider 325 Screen Recorders 325 Advanced Software 325 Animated Videos 326 A Visual Marketing Method 327 Ideas to Use 328 Idea Map 329 Endnotes 329 INDEX 331
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