Primal Leadership

Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence. With a New Preface by the Authors

It's the book that injected "emotional intelligence" into the business lexicon--and made it a necessary skill for leaders.
In the decade since the bestselling "Primal Leadership" was first published, managers across the globe have embraced its message and continue to attest to the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership. And the book's relevance has reached well beyond the business world: "Primal Leadership" is now used routinely in universities, business and medical schools, other professional training programs, and by a growing legion of leadership coaches.
This refreshed edition of "Primal Leadership" illustrates why the book is all the more timely today as leaders face ever-increasing pressures--from globalization and the economic roller coaster to the hyper-speed of evolving information technologies and the ratcheting up of competitive forces. This whirlwind of change puts increasing importance on the abilities of a leader to be self-aware and composed, focused and high energy, empathic and motivating, collaborative and compelling: in short, resonant. A host of studies worldwide continue to underscore why--and how--emotionally intelligent leadership gets results, especially in today's complex world.
From bestselling author Daniel Goleman and coauthors Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, this groundbreaking and still timely book reminds us of the true requirements of successful leadership.

A New York Times Book Review , Wall Street Journal , USA Today , Globe and Mail , Boston Globe , and Booklist bestseller.

“ Primal Leadership reassesses what makes a great leader." — TIME

“Invigorating." — USA Today

“a timely resource for those aspiring to lead on the cutting edge of today's business environment." “Thoroughly action-oriented, it breaks down the qualities making up "primal"—or resonant—leadership, discussing how to develop each one, with specific examples from various organizations." — T+D magazine (American Society for Training & Development)

“[A] fascinating account of how emotions are at the heart of effective leadership. Filled with practical advice backed up by research, this book is a gem—smart reading for students and leaders alike." — David Gergen, Professor of Public Service and Director, Center for Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School, Harvard University

“Sound and practical advice on leading effectively, based on science and business experience, from the leader in the field of emotional intelligence." — Martin Seligman, Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Daniel Goleman is an internationally known psychologist and author of the bestselling "Emotional Intelligence." Richard Boyatzis is a professor of Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University, and an expert in the field of emotional intelligence. Annie McKee is a bestselling author and advisor to top global leaders, from CEOs of Fortune 50 companies to government officials South Africa.

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  • Preface
    Part I The Power of Emotional Intelligence
    1. Primal Leadership
    2. Resonant Leadership
    3. The Neuroanatomy of Leadership
    4. The Leadership Repertoire
    5. The Dissonant Styles: Apply with Caution
    Part II Making Leaders
    6. Becoming a Resonant Leader: The Five Discoveries
    7. The Motivation to Change
    8. Metamorphosis: Sustaining Leadership Change
    Part III Building Emotionally Intelligent Organizations
    9. The Emotional Reality of Teams
    10. Reality and the Ideal Vision: Giving Life to the Organization's Future
    11. Creating Sustainable Change
    Appendix A EI versus IQ: A Technical Note
    Appendix B Emotional Intelligence: Leadership Competencies
    About the Authors
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