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"Put down what you're doing and read this book. Right now. The complex characters, intricate world, and blistering pace are off-the-charts amazing.” —Marie Lu, author of the Legend trilogy

Syd's life is not his own. As a proxy he must to pay for someone else's crimes. When his patron Knox crashes a car and kills someone, Syd is branded and sentenced to death. The boys realize the only way to beat the system is to save each other so they flee. The ensuing cross-country chase will uncover a secret society of rebels, test the boys' resolve, and shine a blinding light onto a world of those who owe and those who pay.
This fast-paced thrill ride of a novel is full of breakneck action, shocking twists and heart-hammering suspense that will have readers gasping until the very last page.

This edition includes a exclusive bonus story featuring Syd and Knox!

"Looking for an awesome YA summer read? Look no further than Alex London's Proxy.” —EW.com

"Whipping Boy + Blade Runner with a sprinkling of The Hunger Games (plus, of course, a dash of A Tale of Two Cities) = a treat for teen SF fans.” —Kirkus Reviews
Rave Reviews for Proxy

"I fell in love with this story from the first sentence to the final, epic page. London is a force to be reckoned with." -Marie Lu, author of the Legend trilogy

"A fast-paced dystopian novel which should appeal to readers of the Hunger Games." -VOYA

"Not only is Proxy an edge-of-your-seat literary thrill ride, it's an important and groundbreaking novel as well...London has crafted a true tour de force." -Matt de la Peña, author of Mexican White Boy

"A big twist and heroic ending will leave readers eager for more" -Shelf Awareness

"Offering intriguing moral dilemmas amid breakneck action...The matter-of-fact presence of a gay lead [Syd] in an action driven story is welcome and overdue." -Publishers Weekly

"An action-packed thrill ride." -SLJ
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  • PROXY By Alex London "Both were being denied their childhoods: the prince by a smothering excess of privilege, [the whipping boy] by none at all."-Sid Fleischman "In the... landscape ahead, you will either create the software or you will be the software." -Douglas Rushkoff1
    Even a perfect machine wasn't built to go this fast.
    Knox knew it, but still he pressed harder on the accelerator. Ripples of heat blurred the air around the car, and the girl in the passenger seat squealed.

    Terror? Delight? Did it matter?

    He took a turn too sharply, felt the stabilizer engine straining. His windshield lit up with warnings: lane markers flashing red, speed indicators blinking. Sweat beaded on his upper lip, but the car held the road.

    "R U glitched?" popped up in his datastream in translucent green letters. He could see through them to the pavement, but they were impossible to ignore.

    He glanced at the girl, giggling to cover her nerves.

    They curved up the speedway, slicing like heat lightning over the slums of the Lower City, past the blast-barriers and security fences, rising higher and higher. There were parts of the Mountain City you just didn't go if you were lux, parts you didn't even see. The city below them blurred. The city beside them gleamed. Knox accelerated.

    "srsly?!" blinked double-sized in front of Knox, each letter wiggling and changing colors. The font was chunky; the y swished like a cat's tail. Very retro. Probably custom made for her by some trendy for-hire coder. Her hands waved in the air in front of the windshield, swiping out another text." :) " she added.
    Suddenly, her smiley face vanished.

    "Reduce Speed...Reduce Speed...Reduce Speed..." scrolled in front of Knox in an unfriendly industrial font. All the road signs and advertisements now said the same thing: "Danger Danger Danger."

    Knox waved off the Augmented Reality hook up. You weren't supposed to be able to turn it off, but Knox had yet to find a security system he couldn't hack. AR driving was for amateurs and accountants anyway. He gunned the car forward. The speed pressed him against the auto-cooled leather seats.

    "You even know how to drive?" the girl cried out loud, her voice shrill and excited.

    Knox didn't say a word. He liked to let the growl of the engine do the talking.

    He also couldn't remember the girl's name.

    Amy? Pam?

    Something old fashioned. He shot her another glance, his emerald eyes flashing mischief. He smirked.

    That usually did the trick.

    She was new in Mr. Kumar's History of Robotics class, a transfer from home schooling. She liked the animations Knox hacked onto the public display on top of their teacher's scowling face. Sometimes Knox gave Mr. Kumar devil horns or a top hat or made it look like he was lecturing them from a seedy strip club in the lower city. The girl had complimented Knox's work on her first day at school.

    Mr. Kumar never had any idea his image had been hacked. He just talked away from his wood paneled office at EduCorp. He couldn't figure out why the kids always laughed so hard at his lectures. Not that he could do anything about it. They were all paying customers and could laugh all they wanted. That was a perk of going to a top-tier Patron school. The customer was always right.

    Knox had a knack for hacking datastreams, but school wasn't really his thing. He could do the work when he wanted, when he had the right motivation, but grades weren't it. A girl, any girl really, now that was good motivation.

    Curvy, skinny, smart, dumb, Retroprep or NeoBuddhist, Causegirl or Partygirl, it didn't matter to him. They all had something beautiful in them. He loved finding out what it was. And they loved letting him.

    Knox knew his assets. With a few little hacks of a holo projection or two, a green-eyed wink and a lop-sided smirk, he could get most girls to do a
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Knox hat alles wovon ein junger Mann in der nahen Zukunft Träumen könnte: Geld, Spaß und ein Proxy der alle seine Strafen für ihn abbüßt. Macht Knox einen dummen Scherz, darf Syd Steine herum schleppen. Zerdeppert Knox eine Vase bekommt Syd Schläge. Doch als eine von Knox zahlreichen Freundinnen bei einem von ihm verursachten ... Knox hat alles wovon ein junger Mann in der nahen Zukunft Träumen könnte: Geld, Spaß und ein Proxy der alle seine Strafen für ihn abbüßt. Macht Knox einen dummen Scherz, darf Syd Steine herum schleppen. Zerdeppert Knox eine Vase bekommt Syd Schläge. Doch als eine von Knox zahlreichen Freundinnen bei einem von ihm verursachten Unfall umkommt, soll Syd gefoltert und hingerichtet werden, und das lässt er sich sicher nicht einfach so gefallen. Auch Knox erkennt, dass er nur ein Sklave des Systems ist, doch er hatte schon immer etwas für Rebellion über. Ein rasantes Abenteuer vor der Kulisse einer Gesellschaft gebaut auf Schulden und Vermarktung der eigenen Lebenszeit!