The Porsche 924 Carreras

Evolution to Excellence

Widely reported at the time as being one of the greatest of the Porsche 'specials,' the story of the now almost forgotten Porsche 924 Carrera is examined, here, in detail for the first time. Featuring interviews with many of those involved at the time, this book also has race stories, statistics, and an expose of component failures during racing.


Roy Smith is a retired company director with a lifetime passion for motor sport. He began writing in the 1960s for club magazines, recording details of interviews with notables of the time. A 40-year business career in sales and marketing developed an attention to detail that is crucial to writing a work such as this and his previous works about the development of the first turbo Formula 1 car, the complete history of the Alpine Renault sports prototypes (for which he was awarded the Guild of Motoring Writers Mercedes Benz Prize and the Montagu of Beaulieu Trophy in 2010), a comprehensive study of the racing legend Amedee Gordini and the definitive work on Alpine Renault berlinettes. He has written and continues to write many specialist articles for websites and magazines in the UK, and internationally as a UK historic correspondent. His aim in this book is, as before, is to record another first in English for future generations: this time the story of a remarkable car overshadowed by the fame of its siblings. Here we see a change of direction for Roy away from French subjects to a German one with an in-depth study of the 924 Carrera GT, from homolgation special to championship winning rally car and class winner at Le Mans.

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