The Foley Grail

The Art of Performing Sound for Film, Games, and Animation

2nd edition.
Vanessa Theme Ament is a professional Foley artist whose credits include Platoon, Clue, Predator, Die Hard, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Noises Off, Beauty and the Beast, and other movies in addition to a long list of television shows. Vanessa is also an accomplished singer/songerwriter, sound editor, and teacher. Currently completing a PhD at Georgia State University, her dissertation examines how the cultural geography of Hollywood, the San Francisco Bay Area, and New York has influenced the transition from analogue to digital sound.
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  • Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction PART I What Foley Artists Do, and Why: History, Theory, and Methods Chapter one Holy Foley: The Evolution of a Craft: The United States Chapter two Noise vs. Sound: Foley As It Is Used in the Various Genres Chapter three Single or Married: Foley Used Independently or Combined with Sound Effects PART II How Foley Artists Work: The Protocols, Conventions, and Heirarchy Chapter four Fire in the Hole: The Players and Their Responsibilities Chapter five Let's Go Ahead and Go Back: Spotting and Cueing PART III Foley Beyond the Film Frame: Games and Animation Chapter six Gaming The System: Foley As It Lands in the Game Chapter Seven Animation Station: Foley Defines Reality or Fantasy PART IV The Practical Concerns: The Art and Craft of Foley Chapter eight Walking in Their Shoes: Performing the Footsteps Chapter nine Manipulation Techniques: Performing the Props Chapter ten Hang It As A Unit: The Knack for Sync Chapter eleven Magic Wind: Unusual Foley Requests PART V The Foley Companions: Editing and Mixing Chapter twelve Mix and Match: The Foley Mixer Chapter thirteen Hearing The Sweet Spot: Editing Foley Chapter fourteen Fix It In Post: The Dub PART VI Nuts and Bolts Where and With What? Chapter fifteen Scene Change: The Foley Stage Chapter sixteen Chef or Cook: Ingredients and Recipes PART VII The Ghost of Foley Futures: Looking Forward Chapter seventeen The Ivory Tower: The Media School Chapter eighteen Foley Reflections: Final Thoughts of Experts Glossary Index References About the Author and Illustrator
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