Strategic Design Thinking

Innovation in Products, Services, Experiences and Beyond

Who can design? For too long, that question has highlighted the supposed division between right-brain dominant "creative types" and left-brain dominant "analytical types." Such a division is not practical for preparing students to become innovative contributors to the complex world of design. Strategic Design guides readers to cultivate hybrid thinking, whether their background is design, finance, or any discipline in between. This book is an introduction to an integrative approach using the lens of design thinking as a way to see the world. The focus is on process instead of solution, and on connecting disparate ideas instead of getting bogged down by silos of specialization. Through this book, students will be introduced to design management, strategic design, service design, and experience design.

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  • Preface Part I: The Why Chapter 1: Theoretical Context (by Alison Rieple, University of Westminster, UK) Chapter 2: Semiotics (by Joseph Hancock, Drexel University, US) Chapter 3: Rhetoric (by Valerie Jacobs, LPK Brands, US) Part II: The How Chapter 4: Methods (by Steve Wilcox, Design Science, US) Chapter 5: Models & Frameworks (by Michelle Miller, Synexe, US) Chapter 6: Tools (by Cindy Tripp, Cindy Tripp & Co., US) Part III: The What Chapter 7: Integrative Spaces (by Natalie Nixon, Philadelphia University, US) Chapter 8: Design Thinking in Action, Design Thinking Everywhere (Natalie Nixon) Bibliography Index

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