Kapferer on Luxury

How Luxury Brands Can Grow Yet Remain Rare

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In an industry where rarity and exclusivity are keys to success, business growth can be both positive and negative. An unknown luxury brand with too few clients is unable to cover the considerable costs of luxury retail, but too many clients endanger the exclusivity factor and luxury experience. How fast should a firm grow and where in the world should it do so? How much volume should a brand sell? When does saturation occur? Jean-Noel Kapferer offers insights into how to address these questions and other conflicts unique to the luxury sector, along with strategies to support sustainable growth. "Kapferer on Luxury" offers a collection of carefully chosen new and popular essays by Jean-Noel Kapferer that address a specific issue relating to luxury growth. These include: sustaining the "luxury dream," the dependency on exclusivity, sustainable luxury, managing luxury brands within groups, artificiation (the process of transforming non-art into art) of luxury, and delocalization (sticking to local production).
Jean-Noël Kapferer
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  • Chapter - 00: Introduction: Growth issues for luxury; Section - ONE: How luxury is changing; Chapter - 01: Sustaining the luxury dream: challenges and insights; Chapter - 02: Abundant rarity: the key to luxury growth; Chapter - 03: The artification of luxury: from artisans to artists; Section - TWO: Specific issues and challenges; Chapter - 04: Luxury after the crisis: pro logo or no logo?; Chapter - 05: Why luxury should not delocalize: a critique of a growing tendency; Chapter - 06: Internet and luxury: under-adopted or ill-adapted?; Chapter - 07: Does luxury have a minimum price?: an exploratory study into consumers' psychology of luxury prices; Chapter - 08: All that glitters is not green: the challenge of sustainable luxury; Section - THREE: The business side of luxury brands' growth; Chapter - 09: Not all luxuries act alike: the distinct business models of luxury brands; Chapter - 10: The LVMH-Bulgari agreement: what changes in the luxury market lead family companies to sell up?; Chapter - 11: Developing luxury brands within luxury groups: synergies without dilution?
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