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Sales Management (the Brian Tracy Success Library)

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The job of the sales manager is to recruit, manage, andmotivate a top team of high-performing sales professionals. This book shows you how to do it.World-renowned sales expert Brian Tracy has spent decades studying what sets the most successful sales managers and professionals apart from the rest - and now in this pocket-sized guide, he distills these simple but powerful strategies. Readers will discover the six key characteristics of a winning sales team and learn how to:Select and recruit sales championsStart them off on the right footEstablish clear objectivesDetermine a sales planInspire singleness of purposeDemonstrate respect and appreciationMotivate people with the right incentivesBoost their self-concept to boost revenueDevelop winners through continuous coaching and trainingBrainstorm sales solutionsUse quality circles to increase engagement and explore improvementsMeasure resultsConduct game-changing performance reviewsDiscipline effectivelyDe-hire poor performersLead by exampleA compact but essential resource, Sales Management will help readers increase the effectiveness of their sales force, improve their bottom line, and advance their own career and satisfaction in the process.

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  • CONTENTS Introduction 1 1 The Role of the Sales Manager 5 2 Build a Great Sales Team 9 3 Select Champions 14 4 Start Them Off Right 20 5 Manage by Sales Objectives 25 6 The Psychology of Sales Success 31 7 Practice the Performance Formula 37 8 Improve Your Leadership Style 43 9 Reward Sales Performance 49 10 Develop Winning Salespeople 54 11 Plan Sales Activities 58 12 Satisfy Salespeople's Basic Needs 64 13 Keep Them Focused 70 14 Use the CANEI Method 75 15 Brainstorm for Sales Improvements 82 16 Discipline Salespeople Effectively 88 17 Let Your Poor Performers Go 94 18 Lead by Example 100 19 The Control Valve on Performance 106 20 Four Keys to Building Salespeople 110 21 Courage, the Vital Quality of Success 116 Index 119
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Erscheinungsdatum 08.07.2015
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ISBN 978-0-8144-3629-5
Reihe Brian Tracy Success Library
Verlag Harper Collins (US)
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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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