Dictionary of World Politics

A ready-reference encyclopedia that includes short definitions and brief explanations of modern political terms that are used in countries throughout the world. The more than 2,000 entries are concisely written and organized in an A-to-Z format allowing for quick search. This comprehensive reference has taken into account emerging nation-state identities, spreading democracy, instant communication and other forces that have created new relationships that require new definitions.''''Nearly every nation in the world is briefly described including important political events. The entries in the Dictionary of World Politics include familiar terminology such as McCarthyism or absentee ballot, but also dozens of less well-known terms that are associated with foreign events, countries for politics such as:'' ''cabal - In political terms, a group that conspires secretly to achieve some goal, such as the overthrow of a popular ruler. ''''cadi - In Morocco and Algeria, official who heads local government in a rural commune. 2. Islamic judge who presides over the religious court that uses the Qur'an as its law.''''dzong - In Bhutan, a monastic fortress that also serves as a center of local government. ''''''''Dictionary of World Politics also contains an extensive bibliography. Appropriate for academic and public libraries as well as high schools with Advanced Placement programs.''''

George Kurian is president of the International Encyclopedia Society. He has produced nearly twenty encyclopedias and other reference books, including the World Encyclopedia of Parliaments and Legislatures (Congressional Quarterly, 1998), which was a Choice Outstanding Academic Book in 1998.

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