Financing the End-to-end Supply Chain

A Reference Guide to Supply Chain Finance

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Financing the End-to-End Supply Chain provides readers with a real insight into the increasingly important area of supply chain finance. It demonstrates the importance of the strategic relationship between the physical supply of goods and services and the associated financial flows. The book provides a clear introduction, demonstrating the importance of the strategic relationship between supply chain and financial communities within an organization. It contains vital information on how supply chain finance is operationalised and put into place. It is written in a user-friendly style, starting with the purchasing function, and linking together treasury, banking, supply chain, systems, IT, and key stakeholders.

Financing the End-to-End Supply Chain will help senior supply chain and procurement practitioners to build collaboration, improve relationships and enhance trust between supply chain partners. With its combination of theory and practice it tackles vital issues including physical, information and financial flows, and tailoring supply chain finance to individual organisations´ circumstances. Recognising that supply chain finance means different things in different countries, the authors also consider various initiatives to harmonize and develop cross-border financing from the World Bank and other institutions, as well as including an agenda for national and international policy makers.

Financing the End-to-End Supply Chain offers a mix of academic and industrial expertise and is written by three authors who are experts in the field. The book contains ground-breaking research and data from the Cranfield School of Management.
Simon Templar is a qualified accountant with twenty years´ industry experience as well as a lecturer on supply chain and procurement MSc´s in Cranfield.

Erik Hofmann is Head of Supply Chain Finance-Lab at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland. He is also Chair of Logistics Management (LOG-HSG).

Charles Findlay is an experienced Business Strategy, Supply Chain and Procurement consultant and Founder at International Supply Chain Finance Community.
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  • Chapter - 1: Supply chain management and financial performance Chapter - 2: The big issue: working capital management Chapter - 3: Supply chain management evolution Chapter - 4: The concept - a case for supply chain finance Chapter - 5: The ecosystem - organisations involved in supply chain finance Chapter - 6: The value proposition - options for supply chain finance Chapter - 7: Implementation - bringing SCF programmes to life Chapter - 8: The global setting - cross border issues for supply chain finance Chapter - 10: The next thing - new frontiers for supply chain finance
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