Final Girls

Three Girls. Three Tragedies. One Unthinkable Secret

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An unbelievably gripping psychological thriller to keep you awake at night full of twists you'll NEVER see coming. Perfect for fans of C.L. Taylor's The Fear and Karin Slaughter's The Good Daughter

'If you liked GONE GIRL, you'll like this' Stephen King

Three girls. Three tragedies. One unthinkable secret.

The media calls them the Final Girls - Quincy, Sam, Lisa - the infamous group that no one wants to be part of. The sole survivors of three separate killing sprees, they are linked by their shared trauma.

But when Lisa dies in mysterious circumstances and Sam shows up unannounced on her doorstep, Quincy must admit that she doesn't really know anything about the other Final Girls. Can she trust them? Or can there only ever be one?

All Quincy knows is one thing: she is next.

An addictive thriller to keep you turning the pages late at night. Fans of In a Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, The Girl Before by JP Delaney and Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear will love Final Girls.

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Why readers are loving thrilling psychological suspense novel FINAL GIRLS

'I was drawn into this intense story from the very first page until the tremendously gripping end - unputdownable and addictive' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

'This is an atmospheric thriller I couldn't stop reading. A brilliant and gripping read' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

'I devoured this one in two sittings. Could not put it down and the author dropped in some fantastic twists I never saw coming' Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

"The FINAL GIRLS need you. You must sit down with this book, you must read. You must start flipping pages, faster, faster, faster. The FINAL GIRLS are tough, everything survivors should be. But the new threat is clever, ominous, even closer than you suspect. You are about to gasp. You might drop the book. You may have to look over your shoulder. But you must keep reading. This is the best book of 2017, the FINAL GIRLS need you."
Riley Sager
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1 Bewertungen

Be careful who you let into your house
von Artemis_25 am 13.07.2017
Bewertet: Einband: gebundene Ausgabe

Oh my God, I am under the living again. I simply couldn’t stop reading. This book has just sucked me in and hasn’t let me go until I’d read the final page. I so wanted to find out what happened to Lisa bacause there was no way that she commited suicide. There must have been something else there, something bigger than first met t... Oh my God, I am under the living again. I simply couldn’t stop reading. This book has just sucked me in and hasn’t let me go until I’d read the final page. I so wanted to find out what happened to Lisa bacause there was no way that she commited suicide. There must have been something else there, something bigger than first met the eye. And there certainly was. I still can’t believe it. It was so surprising, I would have never been able to guess what happened to her. Everything fits into a bigger picture in the end. I am very impressed how much I was fooled here because the moment I thought I figured it all out, everything was turned upside down. Very well done, although it made me sad as well and angry. How could that person do that? Why that certain someone? It just seems so cruel. The entire topic of the ‚Final Girls‘ was a very interesting one I haven’t read anything about in a book before. It was dealt with in an authentic way. We accompany Quincy Carpenter, the sole survivor of a mass stabbing that happened at a cabin called Pine Cottage, who does only remember the beginning and the end of that terrible event. Even though it might seem that she has moved on, it becomes clear pretty quickly that she in fact hasn’t. The moment Lisa’s suicide reaches her ears and Samantha Boyd comes out of the hole she was hiding in all these years, Quincy is forced to deal with her demons she has managed to suppress so long, well, and the press, of course. All these journalists, they really made me angry. They just don’t know when to stop. The girls, they so fittingly named the ‚Final Girls‘, have gone through hell and they simply don’t care and want to make them live through that over and over again just so they can sell more papers, get more views on their shows. I really liked Quincy. She is so much more than the perfect front she presents to everyone around her, Sam being the only exception. This girl has the power to rile her up. Under the influence of Sam, Quincy shows some pretty scary sides of herself. At some point I seriously doubted her story. Could it have been her who stabbed her friends in Pine Cottage and now she is so traumatized about what she has done, that she can’t remember it anymore? And Sam herself, what is it that she wants from Quincy? Why come out of hiding just when Lisa was found dead? Just the thought that the two remaining Final Girls have to stick together, watch out for each other? As the story continues we get to know them both better and better. In between some chapters there are passeages that slowly unravel what has happened at Pine Cottage. But you won’t know for sure. You’ve got to wait until the end. This is what kept me awake: I needed to know that it was not Quincy who was the culprit here because she is just such a cute girl who loves to bake but can be very fierce and tough at the same time. This book is full of surprises and mysteries that want to be solved. I certainly couldn’t lay the book down until I had just done that. The topic of the Final Girls is really an interesting one that’s been sold very well, very authentic. The characters are very complex, especially Quincy. Cover and title fit the story perfectly. Fans of thrillers are going to love this story, I’m sure.