Raspberry Pi Image Processing Programming

Develop Real-Life Examples with Python, Pillow, and SciPy

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Write your own Digital Image Processing programs with the use of pillow, scipy.ndimage, and matplotlib in Python 3 with Raspberry Pi 3 as the hardware platform. This concise quick-start guide provides working code examples and exercises. Learn how to interface Raspberry Pi with various image sensors.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand Raspberry Pi concepts and setup

  • Understand digital image processing concepts

  • Study pillow, the friendly PIL fork

  • Explore scipy.ndimage and matplotlib

  • Master use of the Pi camera and webcam

Who This Book Is For

Raspberry Pi and IoT enthusiasts, digital image processing enthusiasts, Python and Open Source enthusiasts and professionals

Ashwin Pajankar is a Programmer, a Maker, an Author, a Youtuber, and an Educator with more than 10 years' experience in software design, development, testing, and automation. He graduated from the coveted IIIT Hyderabad, earning an M.Tech in computer science and engineering. He holds multiple professional certifications from Oracle, IBM, Teradata, and ISTQB in development, databases, and testing. He has won several awards in college through outreach initiatives, at work for technical achievements, and community service through corporate social responsibility programs.

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  • Raspberry Pi Digital Image Processing ProgrammingPart I: Raspberry Pi and pillowChapter 1: Getting Started• Single Board Computers• History of Single board computers• Raspberry Pi 3 Setup• Connecting Raspberry Pi to internet• Introduction to RaspbianChapter 2: Python and Digital Image Processing

    • Introduction to Python• Python 2 vs Python 3• Why Python 3• Various Python Editors• Concept of Digital Signal and Image ProcessingChapter 3: PIL, pillow, matplotlib, images, and cameras

    • Introduction to PIL• Why one should not use PIL• Introduction to pillow• Installation of pillow• Installation of matplotlib• Working with images and various camerasChapter 4: Basic Image processing operations

    • Concepts related to Images• Cutting, copying, and pasting images• Image Channels• Calculating Histograms• Arithmetic and logical operations on image

    Chapter 5: Advanced Pillow• Image enhancements• Image filtering• Colorspace conversion

    Part II: Scientific Image Processing with Python 3Chapter 6: Introduction to numpy and scipy• Installation of Numpy and Scipy• Introduction to scipy.misc• Images in NumpyChapter 7: Basic Image processing with scipy.ndimage• Image transformations<• MeasurementsChapter 8: Advance topics• Morphology• FiltersChapter 9: Advanced Matplotlib• Detailed explanation of interpolation modes• Basic image processing with matplotlib alone
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