The New Psychedelic Revolution: The Genesis of the Visionary Age

The Genesis of the Visionary Age

A bold exploration of modern psychedelic culture, its history, and future

• Examines 3 modern psy-culture architects: chemist Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin, mycologist-philosopher Terence McKenna, and visionary artist Alex Grey

• Investigates the use of microdosing in extreme sports, the psy-trance festival experience, and the relationship between the ego, entheogens, and toxicity

• Presents a “History of Visionary Art,” from its roots in prehistory, to Ernst Fuchs and the Vienna School of the Fantastic, to contemporary psychedelic art

After the dismantling of a major acid laboratory in 2001 dramatically reduced the world supply of LSD, the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s appeared to have finally run its course. But the opposite has actually proven to be true, and a psychedelic renaissance is rapidly emerging with the rise in popularity of transformational festivals like Burning Man and BOOM!, the return to positive media coverage of the potential benefits of entheogens, and the growing number of celebrities willing to admit the benefits of their own personal use. Along with the return of university research, the revival of psychedelic philosophy, and the increasing popularity of visionary art, these new developments signify the beginning of a worldwide psychedelic cultural revolution more integrated into the mainstream than the counterculture uprising of the 1960s.

In his latest book, James Oroc defines the borders of 21st-century psychedelic culture through the influence of its three main architects-- chemist Alexander Shulgin, mycologist Terence McKenna, and visionary artist Alex Grey--before illustrating a number of facets of this “Second Psychedelic Revolution,” including the use of microdosing in extreme sports, the tech-savvy psychedelic community that has arisen around transformational festivals, and the relationship between the ego, entheogens, and toxicity. This volume also presents for the first time a “History of Visionary Art” that explains its importance to the emergence of visionary culture.

Exploring the practical role of entheogens in our selfish and fast-paced modern world, the author explains how psychedelics are powerful tools to examine the ego and the shadow via the transpersonal experience. Asserting that a cultural adoption of the entheogenic perspective is the best chance that our society has to survive, he then proposes that our ongoing psychedelic revolution--now a century old since the first synthesis of a psychedelic in 1918--offers the potential for the birth of a new Visionary Age.
Journalist, photographer, and artist James Oroc was born in the small South Pacific nation of Aotearoa. Since 1998 he has been pursuing and reporting on the cutting edge of extreme sports in more than 40 countries around the globe, his work appearing in magazines, films, and on MTV Sports. He has been a member of the Burning Man community since 1999, and he is also involved in the documentation and advancement of "Alternative Culture." Oroc resides in the Dominican Republic.
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    The Second Psychedelic Revolution

    1 The End of Acid?

    2 Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin: The Godfather of Psychedelics

    3 Terence McKenna: The Rise of the Plant Shaman

    4 Alex Grey: The Mystic-Artist

    5 A Short Psychedelic History of the World

    6 A New Earth? The Dawn of the Visionary Age

    What Can Entheogens Teach Us?
    Psychedelic Culture in the Twenty-first Century

    7 Where Is God in the Entheogenic Movement?

    8 5-MeO-DMT: Visions of a Quantum God

    9 The Future of Psychedelics

    10 Psychedelics and Extreme Sports

    11 What Can Entheogens Teach Us? Introducing the Oroc Entheogen Scale

    12 Living in Dangerous Times

    Dreaming of the Light
    A Brief History of Visionary Art and Culture Introduction: What is Visionary Art?

    13 Primitive and Ancient Visionary Art

    14 Visionary Art in Medieval Christianity and the Renaissance

    15 The Genesis of Visionary Art: William Blake and the Romantics

    16 Studies in Light: Impressionism, Van Gogh, and the Birth of Modern Art

    17 Surrealism, Salvador Dalí, and the Roots of Modern Psychedelic Culture

    18 Post-World War II: Ernst Fuchs and the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism

    19 Psychiatry's Darling: The (Brief) Science of Psychedelics and Creativity

    20 The First Psychedelic Revolution: Art in the 1960s and 1970s

    21 Modern Art in the 1960s: Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol

    22 The Architects of Contemporary Visionary Art: Robert Venosa and Alex Grey

    23 The Collectors: Mark McCloud and Jacaeber Kastor

    24 New Psychedelic Tribes: BOOM! and Burning Man

    25 Performance Art and Psychedelic Culture

    26 The Birth of Transformational Festivals and Visionary Culture

    27 The InterDimensional Art Show and the Tribe 13 Collective

    28 The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

    29 New Perspectives: MOKSHA, Alchemeyez, and The Temple of Visions

    30 A FractalNation

    31 Beyond 2012: Creating the Visionary Age

    32 Akshardham: The Visionary Wonder of the World

    33 Dreaming of the Light: The Promise of Visionary Art and Culture

    34 The Furtherrr Collective and Other Important Contemporary Visionary Artists

    Accidental Ingestions, Amazonian Overdoses, and Other Reports from the Front Lines

    35 A Pilgrimage to the Dance Temple: My Journey to BOOM!

    36 An Accidental Visionary Experience

    37 The Psy-Fi Chronicles: A Harsh Encounter with Rapé

    38 A Death on the Playa Acknowledgments Bibliography Index
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