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Handbook of Industrial Inkjet Printing

A Full System Approach

Unique in its integration of individual topics to achieve a full-system approach, this book addresses all the aspects essential for industrial inkjet printing.
After an introduction listing the industrial printing techniques available, the text goes on to discuss individual topics, such as ink, printheads and substrates, followed by metrology techniques that are required for reliable systems. Three iteration cycles are then described, including the adaptation of the ink to the printhead, the optimization of the ink to the substrate and the integration of machine manufacturing, monitoring, and data handling, among others. Finally, the book summarizes a number of case studies and success stories from selected areas, including graphics, printed electronics, and 3D printing as well a list of ink suppliers, printhead manufacturers and integrators. Practical hints are included throughout for a direct hands-on experience.
Invaluable for industrial users and academics, whether ink developers or mechanical engineers, and working in areas ranging from metrology to intellectual property.
Werner Zapka is manager of the Advanced Application Technology team of XaarJet AB (Järfälla, Sweden) where inkjet processes are developed specifically with functional fluids for digital fabrication. In 1980 Werner Zapka earned his Ph.D. in physics at the Max-Planck-Institute in Göttingen, Germany, on design and applications of excimer lasers. He then moved to IBM Research Labs, USA, and IBM Germany, engaging himself for 14 years in research and development in semiconductor, electronic packaging and laser technology. In 1995 he joined MIT-inkjet, which was renamed in 1999 to XaarJet AB, to develop inkjet printheads and their manufacturing processes.
Since 2009 he is also appointed as Adjunct Professor at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, where is developing smart packaging solutions by way of inkjet printing of functional fluids.
He has authored more than 60 scientific publications and holds 22 patents. Furthermore, he obtained six IBM Invention Achievement Awards and serves on the committee of the annual Digital Fabrication conferences.
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  • Pros and Cons of inkjet technology in industrial inkjet printing

    #01 Introduction to Industrial Inkjet Printing
    #02 Comparing Inkjet with Other Printing Processes, Mainly Screen Printing

    PART 2: INKS
    #03 A System Approach to develop new platforms of Industrial Inkjet Inks
    #04 UV Photoinitiators for Industrial UV-curable Inkjet Inks
    #05 UV Radiation Sources and UV Radiation Measurement in Industrial Inkjet Printing
    #06 UV-curable Inkjet Inks and their Applications in Industrial Inkjet Printing, including Low Migration Inks for Food Packaging
    #07 Ceramic Inkjet Inks
    #08 Aqueous inks and their application areas in Industrial Inkjet Printing
    #09 Dye Sublimation Inkjet Inks and Applications
    #10 A full system approach to formulation of metal nano-particle Inks for Industrial Inkjet Printing
    #11 Metal nano-Particle Conductive Inks for Industrial Inkjet Printing Applications
    #12 Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) and Quantum Dot (QD) Inks and application

    #13 Concepts and Strategies to adapt inkjet printing to industrial application requirements
    #14 Konica Minolta?s inkjet printhead technology
    #15 XAAR's Inkjet Printhead Technology
    #16 Hewlett Packard's Inkjet Printhead Technology
    #17 MEMJET's Inkjet Printhead Technology and associated printer components
    #18 KODAK's Stream Inkjet Technology

    #19 Paper and Paper based Substrates for Industrial Inkjet Printing Applications
    #20 Polymeric Non-absorbing Substrates for Industrial Inkjet Printing Applications
    #21 Glass Substrates for Industrial Inkjet Printing Applications

    #22 Measurement of Complex Rheology and Jettability of Inkjet Inks
    #23 Printhead health in Industrial Inkjet Printing: In-line and off-line detection of poor drop formation
    #24 Quantitative assessment of Inkjet reliability under industrial conditions: measuring all drops during extended high duty printing
    #25 In-line resistance and temperature measurement of conductive inks

    #26 Data Handling in Industrial Inkjet Printing

    #27 System Approach --- An integrator's advice on a System Approach for Industrial Inkjet Implementations
    #28 Functional inkjet platforms ? Modular integration of industrial production processes

    #29 Surface Pretreatment for wettability adjustment
    #30 UV LED Ink Curing --- UV LED technology and concepts for integration into Industrial Inkjet Printing
    #31 Electron-Beam Processing for Industrial Inkjet Printing: Crosslinking and Curing.
    #32 Photonic Curing enabling high speed sintering of metal inkjet inks on temperature sensitive substrates
    #33 Oven Drying of Inkjet Printed Functional Fluids on industrial scale

    #34 Concepts and Strategies to adapt inkjet printing to industrial application requirements

    #35 Inkjet printing for printed electronics
    #36 Inkjet printed metal lines and sensors on 2D and 3D plastic substrates
    #37 Inkjet + laser hybrid processing, an enabling technology for reliable production of fine interconnects in large area electronics
    #38 Industrial Applications of 3D Inkjet Printing in the Life Sciences
    #39 Industrial Applications of Inkjet Printing in the Life Sciences

    #40 Inkjet technology within the label converting market
    #41 Case study: The Graphium Digital Hybrid Label Press
    #42 Case Study Gallus Labelfire: Guiding question to choose a hybrid inline label converting system
    #43 Cylindrical packaging decoration - a breakthrough in inkjet technology
    #44 Industrial InkJetPrinting in Decorative Web Print Applications
    #45 Case Study at TecnoFerrari: design of a single-pass inkjet printer for ceramic tile decoration - from machine concept to a complete solution
    #46 Concepts for 'direct-to-shape' inkjet printing onto curved surfaces
    #47 Case Study at KHS: Digital decoration of plastic bottles - from machine concept to a complete solution
    #48 Hymmen Digital Décor Printing - Empowering the Laminate Industry
    #49 High Speed Inkjet Application in Newspaper Printing
    #50 Inkjet For Nanoimprint Lithography

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